Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Daily Carlo: July 4! Yay America! SONGS!!!

Today's Daily Carlo is published on July 4, which was the day in 1776 that the US Declaration of Independence was issued. This was, of course, a great idea at the time so long as you weren't indigenous or Black. Or poor. Or a woman. But all great things must start somewhere.

(Actually it unleashed, as many great historians have detailed, a new struggle between the poor and dispossessed and the new, growing oligarchic elite. And the history of the United States -- from the earliest days till now, is riven with the struggle of the poor, exploited, dispossessed, enslaved, repressed, overworked, underpaid, declared "illegal" downtrodden majority -- and there are great moments, from the radical democracy at the heights of the Reconstruction, drowned in racist terror, to the huge militant strike wave in the 1930s that did much more to lift working people out of misery than any policy of Roosevelt, through to a mass movement that ended a major war and christ knows what else. But that is another story. The true history of the United States is the history of its victims.)

Yah America!

'All we want to do is take these chains off of us...'

Yar well here is a random collection of songs about the US in some form that I happen to like. I tried not to think very hard about it, otherwise this could never be done.

'To hell with your double standards...'

'First kick I took was when I hit the ground...'

'This country is over, they say...'

'And all the news is bad, is there any other kind...' 

'Everybody knows its a hard time, living with the hate and greed...'

TOO DEPRESSING? WELL HAVE SOME STRUGGLE!!! First, one of the big industrial battles from the 30s... a bitter, violent mining strike in 1931 in Harlem County.

'Poor folk aint got a chance unless they organise...'

And now the battles of today! In a  hip hop reworking of the classic...

'I'm for a world without borders and a better tomorrow...'

There you go. Now fuck off and leave me alone and/or put your own suggestions in the comments, I don't care, this beer won't drink itself.

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