Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Come on spring, do your thing

Yes, my last post was actually in winter and it struck me I have to get a post in sometime during spring and spring is nearly over.

So, you know, what better opportunity for a post than to bring to your attention THIS EXTREMELY EXCITING PIECE OF NEWS!!! Yes! It is true! The great film clip to Australian supergroup/side project from the 1990s Antenna's great 1998 song "Come on Spring" is back up on YouTube after being so cruelly removed!!!!

IKR?* Super cool.

Antenna was a brief collaboration between two giants of Australian rock, Kim Salmon (The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists) and Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus). They released one album in 1998, and off that came this near-forgotten gem.

I love the clip coz Kim Salmon just looks so seedy, to say nothing of sleazy when the couple kiss on the park bench next to him. The frustrated lust that is just, barely, under the surface breaks out through the song and the clip as it goes on.

Story-wise and thematically, it feels a bit like Sunday Morning Coming Down, only even grubbier. And more filled with promise, like the protagonist is finally rising from drunken slumber and now wants his due.

(You can read Kim Salmon discussing the song's lyrics, and also here is Mick Harvey's cover version just to prove once again how wasted Harvey was all those years as Nick fucking Cave's side kick.)

'Come on Spring, do your thing... have you got something for me?'

So, I hear the frustrated legions of Carlo Sands fans, is that fucking it? I return to this blog for the first time since *AUGUST FUCKING 5* (and *even that* was pretty much just an extended plug to a handful of forgettable stand up gigs in suburban pubs) and I just talk about some long-forgotten, obscure song from the margins of Australian music no one GIVES A FUCK ABOUT???

Jesus, fuck you! I am a busy guy! I have to write my Carlo's Corner column for Green Left Weekly, like, once a fucking week! Seriously, that is, like, 500 words and, sometimes *even more*, EVERY WEEK!

And as if that is not bad enough, once a fortnight, I gotta then do a four or five minute rant in front of a camera for the Green Left Report. And yes, sure, most of the time it is just a verbal version of my column, *sure*. And *yes* I get to drink while I record it... but still... it is quite stressful coz I gotta make sure I am sober enough to still speak by the "5pm-ish on a Monday" recording time. LIKE *FUCK* talk about slave drivers.


Anyway, at least I have done a post that is not some pathetic plug for some stand-up thing. Though, if you are in Sydney and want to help me rig an audience-voting comedy competition on November 28 ... well... details are here.

'You drink too much coffee, I drink too much stout!' Yes, here is a SECOND song for you in the same blog post! AND BY FLOGGING MOLLY! Don't worry about it, buy me a beer sometime.

* If you don't know what "IKR" stands for, then I don't *even want to know you*, you out-of-touch, uncool person who probably has a "life" and therefore knows little of the social network jargon.