Sunday, June 12, 2022

Why We Must Declare Full-Scale War On The Suburb of Clyde

There's only so much provocation the civilised world can stand. Only so many insults to decency and humanity that those guided by such values can be expected to tolerate before they stand up and declare: ENOUGH!

This is why we must invade Clyde.

In regards to that disgraceful suburb in the Greater Western Sydney region, 21 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, the time for talking is past. We must act or regret our inaction for eternity.

Some may ask: why? Surely whatever Clyde has done there's more important issues. Runaway climate change, war crimes from Ukraine to Yemen, the despairing state of the Western Sydney Wanderers. Why Clyde?

Those who ask such questions do not live in Granville, next door to Clyde. They do not have the lived experience of being Clyde's neighbour. Such voices should check their privilege and create space for those of us who do!

Some of us actually have to live with the consequences of Clyde. Allow me to educate you.

Clyde is a suburb with it's own train station. Yes, you say, it serves as a junction for the Western and Inner West train lines with the Carlingford line, taking commuters northward through Rosehill all the way to Calingford itself. 

Such an observation merely displays your ignorance! The Carlingford line closed in January 2020.

Now, we can all agree that fact is symbolic of the criminal neglect of Sydney's public transport infrastructure by successive state governments. Yet it remains a fact that Clyde is no longer a junction to anywhere!

No matter, you say, there must be heaps of people living in Clyde who depend on the station. What has this station got to do with your calls to bomb the place into oblivion then occupy it indefinitely with a large-scale multinational ground force?

How little you know! The residential population of Clyde is zero.

No one, according to the official statistics, actually lives there. Not a soul! Yet it has it's own train station.

And yes, it is an industrial area. Probably some people get trains to work and back. But enough to warrant a station at which almost all trains heading to Granville see fit to stop?

I think not.

Yet every evening the good citizens of Granville are being delayed by up to 2 or even 3 minutes on their trips home from work. This affects many dozens of people. Hundreds! After a 35-minute train ride from Central, the final leg is prolonged unnecessarily by a stop at a station in a suburb in which no one fucking lives.

OK, you say, that sounds a bit annoying for Granville, but surely a UN Security Council-sanctioned full-scale war to wipe the place off the face of the Earth is an over-reaction.

But here's the thing. No one lives in Clyde, and yet each evening people get off at the stop. I see them each night! They can't all be going to work in one of the industrial complexes at 6 in the evening, so where are they going?

I will tell you what all Granville knows. There is a secret suburb in Clyde set up underground, away from society's prying eyes. It is the only logical explanation and an open secret in Sydney planning departments, despite their official silence.

So what are the furtive residents of Clyde doing down there?

No one knows. Or if they do, they aren't talking. 

There have been several expeditionary forces from Granville seeking to infiltrate Clyde's hidden bases, yet none have succeeded. The few who made it back alive refuse to talk. What can be said is each one returned changed and not for the better.

Whatever it is these Clyde people are up to, it is clearly unspeakable. Otherwise why the secrecy and heavy defences? 

Anyone who has looked into the eyes of a traumatised survivor of an attempted Clyde raid knows this fundamental truth: Clyde must be stopped by the civilised world, or the civilised world has no right to call itself such.

There is always a human cost to war and there will be lives lost. But history's cruel accounting will record that the costs of doing nothing are far higher.

We must act! For Granville, for the world, for our children and for the future of human civilisation and for basic common decency! Members of the UN Security Council must put aside their differences and offer united support for immediate military action. 

We must prepare the carpet bombing campaign and mass the troops on the Granville border in preparation for a military occupation to break Clyde's resistance so that we can finally put an end to this madness! ENOUGH!