Sunday, December 30, 2018

Awesome mullets, a keytar and sax solo... is Icehouse's 'Electric Blue' clip Oz rock's most '80s clip ever?

'80s on 'roids! Iva Davies had his mullet permed! 
This is a question many of us have pondered in depth when in the throes of a booze-fuelled YouTube music binge that somehow takes a turn towards the synthpop-wing of commercially successful Oz rock from the mid-to-late '80s.

Icehouse's signature tune, 1987's "Electric Blue", co-written with John Oates from Hall and Oates fame, didn't just reach number one in Australia but even managed to break into the top 10 in the much-vaunted Canadian Single Charts too! 

And it isn't hard to see why: it is not just the deep, melodic voice of singer Iva Davies put to some solid synth work that makes the track a winner. To fully appreciate it, you need to watch the film clip in all its stunning glory:

'If a boy had a chance...' then that boy would take the chance at getting Iva Davies's mullet! Check that shit out! This is the most glorious mullet in recorded human existence. And for extra '80s bonus points, Davies even had it permed!

This clip would be a strong contender for Oz rock's most '80s contribution to the '80s for that mullet alone, but it is only getting started. It is not even the only mullet... the drummer sports one too

On top of the strong mullet showing, you have to chuck in the appearance of actress Paris Jefferson, best known for playing Athena in Xena, Princess Warrior, as the object of Davies' desires. She goes full '80s, with a big perm complimenting a tight-fitting blue dress that looks torn from a Madonna clip of the same era, as she pouts and flirts seductively for the camera.

Of course, this being a chart-topper from 1987, it doesn't just feature synthesisers, it features a dude in sunglasses playing a keytar

This being 1987, there is the inevitable saxophone solo... and they don't fuck about. It comes in early and it comes on strong. And the sax player is, naturally, featured in silhouette against a setting sun. Later, his back drop is some Big City lights at night!

This is a 1987-style video writ large and it was no fluke. Because possibly the SECOND most '80s clip from Oz rock in the '80s was Icehouse's single "Crazy" from the same year.

Sure it doesn't quite reach the heights of "Electric Blue", but Davies' mullet is still there, as is Paris Jefferson with her permed hair as his love interest. For this clip, Davies contributes to the '80s vibe by wearing New Wave-style pantaloons and sings at one point in front of a dry ice machine. It makes a solid second-place, for sure.

No one can possibly disagree. 

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