Thursday, April 01, 2010

Best LOLcat there is

I like this LOLcat. It speaks to me.

Also, the groundbreaking film below speaks to me too... about the threat to goonbags and the importance of ironing, among other things.

A groundbreaking and controversial film by Ben Peterson and Carlo Sands. The fourth in the much-acclaimed Conversation series is a sometimes disturbing but ultimately warm look at life, love and platypuses. Written and directed by Ben Peterson and Carlo Sands. Executive producer Conehead the Barbiturate. All rights reserved Conehead Studios and Laundering Services.

See the rest of the Conversation series:
A conversation: a short film about beer and ovaries

A second conversation. A short film on refugees and gaffer tape.

Conversation III: This time it's personal. A short film on bouncers and mangoes.


  1. I believe that out of a poll of 2,358,976 web users, 79% voted this the all-time greatest lolcat.

    We all know who inspired this lolcat. She was up last night making cake.

  2. You know, a similar percentage in an online poll voted for Conversation IV as the all-time greatest animated film on the question of platypuses.

  3. Hey, that film wasn't in this post from April 1 2010! That was just a cheap bit of promotion at that classic lolcat's expense!!!

  4. I don't know what you are talking about. All I will say is one classic deserves another and it is therefore totally legitimate Conversation IV appears there.