Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dear Motherfuckers

Dear Motherfuckers,

As you well fucking know, I have the greatest fucking respect for you as fucking rulers of the United fucking States and legitimate fucking leaders of the free fucking world and your self-a-fucking-ppointed mission to fucking bring fucking civilisation, fucking democracy and Mc-fucking-Donald's to the whole fucking world.

I fucking lay awake at fucking night and fucking think to my fucking self, what the entire fucking world needs, whatever its inhabitants may fucking think, is a fucking system that grants legal fucking rights to fucking corporations to buy the entire fucking political fucking system.

A fucking system that gives every fucking citizen the fucking god damn fucking right to fucking buy expensive fucking health care fucking insurance so that if a fucking citizen gets fucking ill they can fucking fight the fucking corporate fucking monsters for some fucking cash to fucking pay for the badly fucking needed treatment.

One that fucking allows its free fucking citizens the fucking right to be fucking evicted from their fucking homes because the fucking banks fucked up the entire fucking economy.

And that fucking ensures that any fucking global fucking summit to fucking deal with a fucking ecological fucking catastrophe caused by the fucking free fucking world's fucking system of fucking allowing the fucking corporations to fucking rape the fucking planet well and truly fucking fails.

However, it has fucking been brought to my fucking attention that in the fucking pursuit of these fucking goals of fucking making the fucking world a free fucking territory for your fucking corporations, fucking atrocities are being fucking committed on a regular fucking basis all over the fucking place.

I, of course, fucking refer to the fucking video fucking released of some fucking democracy promotion fucking activities by your fucking liberating fucking soldiers in fucking Iraq.

It fucking appears this is not fucking unique.

What is fucking more, it hardly fucking stops there. There are the fucking large fucking number of fucking stories of fucking civilian massacres being fucking committed by your fucking troops in fucking Afghanistan.

Nor does it fucking end there. In the fucking fight against the fucking terrorist-fucking loving dictatorship of fucking Hugo Chavez in fucking Venezuela (which has only fucking been endorsed by more than a dozen fucking national fucking elections in eleven fucking years) the fucking democratic fucking armed forces of fucking Colombia, well fucking paid by you, have been fucking caught fucking massacring fucking thousands of fucking opponents, burying them in fucking mass fucking graves.

And then fucking claiming they are fucking terrorists so it is all fucking right.

Then there is the fucking case of fucking Honduras, where the fucking regime fucking backed by you is fucking organising fucking death squads to carry out a fucking reign of fucking terror against unarmed fucking opponents.

Hillary fucking Clinton with Porfirio “Pepe” fucking Lobo, whose fucking US-fucking-backed government is fucking training death fucking squads to fucking murder political fucking opponents.

It isn't that I fucking don't believe you that such fucking “tragedies” are merely a few fucking “regrettable” fucking incidents. It is merely that I fucking wish to give you some fucking advice.

Massacring children and civilians is not fucking democracy. It is not fucking liberty. It is not fucking fighting fucking terrorism. It is fucking committing fucking war fucking crimes.

And one fucking day every fucking one of you fucking motherfuckers fucking responsible will be fucking hauled into a fucking court room to hear your fucking judgement.

And if I should fucking meet any of you motherfuckers late at fucking night in a fucking alleyway, I have a special fucking message to give you.

And you can take your fucking speeches and your fucking Nobel Peace fucking Prizes given to your fucking commander in fucking chief and fucking choke on them.

Yours fucking sincerely,
Carlo fucking Sands

PS: Fuck you.

The motherfuckers rain down some fucking civilisation on some fucking barbarians.


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  3. brilliant, love it :) give it to sean to rap it out some day
    *fuck capitalism, unfuck the word*

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  6. A...FUCKING..Men...
    apologies for the language Carlo.

  7. sorry carlo, i forget how sensitive you are sometimes and how harsh language grates upon your sensibilities.

  8. also, tattoos! google adds i can happily click upon to your heart's content

  9. Carlo Sands is here to please, Lesles (if that really is your name and if it isn't, well, you clearly like it as you've called yourself it three times on this post alone)

    On language, I try and not take offense, but all this talk of jobs. Work is a four letter word.

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