Saturday, April 17, 2010

They want our way of life...

“They want our way of life... well they can take mine any time they like.” Jarvis Cocker answers those insisting we need to defend Western civilisation from the barbarians trying to destroy it — be it by flying planes into our buildings or by the old “trojan horse” trick of turning up in leaky boats asking for protection from wars backed by our governments.

I posted that clip coz I WAS FUCKING THERE! WATCHING HIM! IN SYDNEY! But actually, this acoustic performance done on the spot for some interview Jarvis did about songwriting is much better and I recommend you play it.

They want our way of life
Well, they can take mine any time they like
Cause God knows I know I ain't living right
I'm wrong
Oh, I know I'm so wrong

So like the Roman Empire fell away
Let me tell you; we are going the same way
Ah, behold the Decline and Fall
All hold hands with our backs to the wall


Not one single soul was saved
I was ordering an Indian take-away
I was spared whilst others went to an early grave
Got stoned
Yeah, went out and got stoned

Well, if your ancestors could see you standing there
They would gaze in wonder at your Frigidaire
They had to fight just to survive
So can't you do something with your life?

It's the end, why don't you admit it?
It's the same from Auschwitz to Ipswich
Evil comes I know from not where
But if you take a look inside yourself
Maybe you'll find some in there

Here it comes
Why don't you embrace it?
You lack the guts needed to face it
Say goodbye to the way you've been living
You never realised you were on the wrong side
And nobody's going to win

They want our way of life
Well, they can take mine any time they like

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