Sunday, March 24, 2019

This Is An Important Blog, As Is Widely Recognised, With Important Things To Which To Link To

This is an important blog.

Make no mistake! The commentary here is of great important, ranging as it does from issues relating to Texas country singer Hayes Carll, to my strident defence 12 years ago of then-AFL star Ben Cousins right to get wasted on whatever intoxicants he wanted (that ended well), right through to that time I yelled a lot about George Pell and it didn't even involve child sexual abuse!

Very few people seem to realise this, sadly -- indeed shamefully! SHAMEFULLY!

The few interactions I get are of a -- and I hate to say this about about my fan base -- commercial basis. By which I mean spammers. The readers of this blog seem to all be spammers. Often, but not only, trying to sell Viagra.

So I was very happy to receive a message that wasn't about Viagra or gambling.

Back in 2017, I made a quite personal post in the midst of the marriage equality "plebiscite" about sexuality and homophobia. At some point in it, I included a link about LGBTI health statistics, coz I figure I needed to prove I was basing my shit on something and that was the first link that came up when I googled it.

Well, this did NOT go unnoticed!

I received an email last October, which I didn't notice at the time. It appealed to me, Carlo Sands, directly! It said:
Hello there Carlo Sands,

I saw that you mentioned here and I wanted to share my gratitude for your work on the promotion of LGBTQ-related issues.

I'd like to suggest that you also share an important LGBTQ online safety guide which came out recently. Did you know that 73% of LGBTQs have been harassed online due to sexual orientation or gender identity? This guide aims to empower them and give them the tools to protect themselves online.
I like how they give a few tips and practical suggestions for each situation.
Thanks for helping protect LGBTQs online...
Now OK having edited a marginally better read publication, Green Left Weekly, I know you get these types of requests to highlight some url or other, for reasons that have never really been clear to me, coz very very few urls, especially in the form of hypertext, are ever clicked on.

It is also pretty clear, actually, that this particular link is to something that is both important and yet still posted purely to promote their "vpnMentor pioneering toolkit", and so you know, it might not be Viagra but the logic is not overly different.

Now I may have missed that first email, but vpnMentor -- fair purveyors of a vpn-related pioneering toolkits (I don't know what that means either) and very concerned about online bullying of "LGBTIQs" were not willing to accept my silence lying down!

I got a follow up email, which I did see, that simply said:
I wondered if you had a moment to look at the article I mentioned below:
Please let me know if you decided to share it with your users :)
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
                                             Have a great day,
Wow they are really keen for me to post their link about cyberbullying of LGBTI+ as a way to get people to their site to sell them some weird internet privacy thing I don't even understand! AND FAIR ENOUGH asThis BLOG IS IMPORTANT even if only spammers REALISE it!

So who am I to deny this report to the masses who read this blog! READ IT HERE!!!

Are YOU worried about cyberbulling of LGBTI+ people on social media? Of course you are, unless you are some kind of homophobe and then you are probably the one DOING the cyberbullying, you prick!

If you wish to know more, please click the link! It even has reasonable advice on how to deal with them. There is a full report there that I have skimmed and the stats sure are damning and it is a worry. Hell, maybe even look into the weird vpn shit they sell, I don't know because, as I've said, I don't understand it. But still, as far as spammers go, at least their hook is something of social value for once.

So, I am thankful this blog could bring this to your attention, and maybe next time you goddamn arseholes will realise I have IMPORTANT THINGS to pass on and PAY ATTENTION! It is not ALL country music you'd rather not listen to on here!

Speaking of which, here is LGBTI activist and country singer Sarah Shook.

'Just gonna lie here and complain instead...'

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