Thursday, February 03, 2011

Now this is going too far

It seems Tony Blair was right, as usual.

(In fact, I am not sure he has ever been wrong - and if you want the evidence check out this wonderful site Keep Tony Blair for PM, which is both informative and gives an indication of to what end Tony Blair spent his last days in office.)

Mr Blair expressed his concern that a transition to democracy needs to be carefully managed, something the former British PM knows how to do correctly, as any Iraqi or Afghani will happily tell you.

And now we see why.

The fundamentalist anti-Semites calling for an end to 30 years of martial law in Egypt have given us an indication of just why not torturing Arabs is such a bad idea.

They say they are for "democracy" and yet when confroned with a peaceful, legitimate demonstration of paid thugs, violent prisoners kindly given leniency by the government and released from jail, and cops out of uniform - whose views just happen to differ from them, we see how they behave.

If they really were "democracy protesters", the right response to having their terroristic mass demonstration challenged by an expression of views and a rain of bricks and petrol bombs would be to accept that some people don't agree with them and to go home and let the Mubarak government get on with its mandated job of imposing poverty-causing neoliberalism and violently repressing anyone who resists.

I mean, a few freedom-lovers happen to ride in on horses and camels and start bashing everyone in sight and next thing you know the terrorists show their true face by insisting they will not leave Tahrir Square that they have taken over and imposed Sharia law on, as Robert Fisk clearly explains.

(Note, the renowned investagive journalist Fisk is talking in code. When he says, from Tahrir Square, that the protests are totally secular and not in the slightest Islamic in nature, he is merely sending a signal that such is the terrible fundamnetalist terror that he is unable to speak freely.)

They clearly don't understand that even a dictatorship's police force and paid thugs have the right to freedom of expression and association. If they want to express themselves with batons and petrol bombs, then that surely is as much their right as those who have sought to terrorise society with their peaceful marches.

The violence of the "anti-Mubarak forces" (as so much of the corporate media correctly call the millions of people who have taken to the streets), responding to the bricks, petrol bombs and batons by actually seeking to defend themselves rather than lying down and getting burned or bashed to death shows just how unreasonable these people are.

And *still* the government, in its incredible display of restraint and moderation, says it is *still* willing, despite everything, to neogitiate with those involved in the terroristic protests.

*All* the vice president Omar Suleiman, a wise statesman with many years experience in torturing terrorists gathered from the streets of Egypt or sent his way by the United States (allegedly), has asked in return is these people end their demonstrations for democracy.

And protest organisers respond by refusing to meet or negotiate with the government! I really don't know what more this government could do.

Mubarak, last Friday, promised reforms. He promised reforms to deal with issues such as price rises and poverty.

And his supporters, in what must be an early government pogram along the lines promised, go to the protesters with petrol. Petrol prices are far too high, so, as price rises are said to be a cause of the protests, you might think these people would be grateful.

But what do they do? They throw petrol back!

Well, Mubarak has done all he can, and this is how his people repay him.

If Mubarak can truly no longer guarantee security and manage the transition to democracy he has so kindly promised, then perhaps it really is time for him to sadly leave the scene.

My suggestion is it is time to fly in Tony Blair and instal him as president for life to oversee this transition. If these terrorists don't agree, let US marines and the Israeli Defense Force go there to prop him up.

And these people are smart... you just wait for the calls for "intervention" to "restore stability".

Supporters of President Mubarak seek to peacefully express their views by taking over military tanks to use agaisnt protesters

And just LOOK at how the "pro-democracy" terrorists respond... those are ROCKS! really, what chance do those who want to keep Mubarak and his 30 years of martial law intact have?

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