Wednesday, June 19, 2024



This is unbelievable. Apparently NOTHING is sacred any more. The Big Banana! 

Located in Coffs Harbour on the NSW north coast, this is surely Australia's MOST SACRED LAND MARK, although some might make a case for Queensland's Big Pineapple or maybe NSW's Southern Highlands Big Potato. Australia has many Big Things that are ALL sacred to ALL true patriots!

And now some VANDALS have DESECRATED this ICON -- and for what? To call for a ceasation of killings in Gaza??? SIMPLY because it amounts to a horrific genocide that has killed more than 37,000 civilians, rendered the Gaza Strip uninhabitable and currently threatens thousands of children with starvation??? 

Some people have ZERO sense of perspective.

I just hope the Australian Defence Force is being mobilised RIGHT NOW to protect the Big Prawn, the Big Lobster, the Big Cane Toad and the Big Galah from the horror of some spraypainted slogans calling for peace.

What has this got to do with Australia anyway? Just because our government has signficant military ties to the Israeli state, including manufactoring parts for F35 planes bombing Gaza that the govenrment is refusing to cancel???

And "ceasefire"! What a horrific display of unmitigated hatred! 

We ALL know that while TECHNICALLY this slogan is a call for the bloodshed to cease, it is REALLY code for the destruction of all Israelis. And sadly such hatred is on the rise globally, as seen by the mass protests of thousands of Israelis calling for a ceasefire! It is so sad so many Israelis can hate Israelis to such an extent that they want to stop a conflict in which Israelis are also dying!

I honestly never thought I would live to see such horrors in this country as wanton and wilful calls for a ceasefire to stop a genocide. Next people will start asking our government to stop faciliating it, and God only knows what follows that. A better, more peacful and safer world? Christ wept.

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