Friday, July 04, 2014

'Welcome to hell, ladies and gents'... this country needs some fucking horror country

Yodel well, and your pickings swell
And you play so hard for the folks in Hell
And they can't see nothing
...Nothin' at all

Chains to the legs, bolts to the ground
"You boys ain't leaving 'til this crowd turns around"
They don't hear nothing
...Nothing at all

The colder the night, the hotter the lights
Your sweat drips down and the crowd starts fist-fights
They hear nothing
...Nothing at all

But the air on stage is burning our lungs
And we're all going deaf from the beating drums
And you can't see a thing for all the blood
And sweat in our eyes

Yeah we played 'til we died, and now we're all dead,
But the man says "You gotta get up there again
And you can't come down 'til the brimstone turns to ice"

And you can't sing a note for the dust in your throat
We're running on empty and the bands lost all hope
'Cause they hear nothing
...Nothing at all

Welcome to hell, ladies and gents
You sinned and fell, no time to repent
And you can't hear nothing
...Nothing at all

No you can't hear nothing
Nothing ... at ... alllll.....

Welcome to Australia. It is not a very nice place.

From kicking the shit out of the poorest and weakest to dashing the hopes of any poor soul who might, out of sheer desperation (cos you'd have to be fucking desperate to dare ask the authorities in THIS shitheap for help)... well... "We're running on empty and the bands lost all hope, 'cause they hear nothing.... nothing at all..."

Bit of horror country, courtesy in this case of Graveyard Train is probably what this godforsaken hellhole needs, whether it fucking wants it or not.


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