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Wow! The Demons-Pies clash was a classic and you can relive the commentary highlights here!


Wow-ee! Melbourne versus Collingwood last night, 2 v 3 on the ladder, was a blinder, played with finals-like ferocity! If you missed it, don't fret. I've compiled quarter-by-quarter highlights from Channel 7's widely lauded commentary team. 

The main reason to watch Friday night footy is to hear legends of the commentary box like JB and BT -- their immaculate use of language marred only by Daisey Pearce's petty interruptions to offer insightful analysis of the actual play. No wonder Rex Hunt is so pissed off.

Commentating AFL is a very tought job. I only ever tried it once and Channel 7 called security, I was banned from the MCG and BT took out a restraining order (so there was one bright spot). My respect for the JBs and BTs could not be higher.

Now you could watch a highlights package of the match, or you can just cut straight to the chase and read these collection of random comments culled from the game. If you don't know the result, I won't spoil it for you (your're day wil be spoiled enough when you find out).

Of course, the talking point before the game was Demon player Ed Langdon publicly declaring Collingwood were "All duck, no dinner" -- will BT, and ex-Pies player, make any mention of this? Find out below.


-The bounce gets us underway

- "They come straight after him!" "Looking for the duck, JB. There's his duck dinner right there! They have got him and they have given him chopped duck!"

- He's in for a torrid night'

- Now he knows there's a target in his back, he's going to be looking over his shoulder.

- Big thump!

- It's the start they would have planned!

- Exactly what the dr ordered for the Pies!


- What about that from both ends?

- Gives him the 'dont argue'

- Caught cold!

- We find out a lot about these two teams come the final series tonight

- His hands were incredibly clean

- What a start!

- Wow, you thought Collingwood were pumped up! The last couple of minutes have showed we've got two of those tonight!

- Jeez he had a good piece too

- The kick's a wobbler

- Ran out of tarmac  

- They just need a little bit of control here, the pies. To feel the footy a little bit, toss it around safely.

- It shows how amazing the drainage is at this ground

- The boos will come for Langdon all night 

- "The heat is on!" "Ohoho it's REALLY on JB! It's on in alright! Encouraging for everyone watching."

- Dribbling ball 

- Directly in front, obviously 

- Four straight plays two straight. And that's good! For both clubs!

- He wastes no time, he knows forwards like it in there quick 

- I think I said four in a row to Melbourne, I meant four straight 

- Oh, got a good piece!

- "Just for a moment I think he thought he was a genuine midfielder, Maxxy." "Not just for a moment BT, I think that's a permanent mindset for Big Max!"

- He can get wobbly with these, Big Max... and there's an example of it.

- If they could get him they would, but they can't!

- Wow! He says 'give me more,crowd!'

- And the big man stands up!

- You can hear. The crowd. BUZZING.

- Big grab!

- This just LOOKS like 2 v 3.

- The best candy seller in the business!

- Wow! He just carressed that!

- Finals feel about it.

- Ah, got to love it!

- Hot start!

- He's got ground level issues here

- Jeez BT, this is a precurser to what we're going to be seeing in September. Bring it on!

- What a game of footy!

- The little things matter 

- Do they reload and go? Time will run out here. What a… A 50 METER PENALTY! A 50 METRE PENTY WITH ONE SECOND TO GO IN THE QUARTER!

- Wow! What a mistake to make in the last 20, 15 seconds of the game … even if it is the first quarter.


- Little dribbler by Gawn.

- Sizzle everywhere!

- Not going to make the trip

- Real finals feel about it

- Viney's been instrument in this game… is he pinged here? No prior …

- So relaible in the air 

- Bit of a let-off there

- Good grab!

- They are dominating!

- They just got to start getting their hands on it, Daisy. 

- Absolutely no prior there!

- Straight into the guts of Jeremy Howe

- He can go all the way!

- Pulsating game!

- Salem's hands, always brilliant

- It was a wobbler!

- Wow!

- Loves it! Absolutely loves it!

- Looking for Gawn, nailed him!

- How good are those hands?

- High scoring affair

- Wow!

- What a half of footy, it's had everything it really has!


- He's got to remember in that situation the boundary line is his friend!

- Can Craig McRae conjure another miracle?

- What a goal this would be! Missed.

- Half messed this up

- That guy there Clayton Oliver, he's just untackenable…. he's so good at getting 

miraculouslous handballs out of the action zone if you like.

- They poked, they prodded, they teased, and they eventually found a way through!

- Look out! Gone! Macrae is a pressure animal!

- Colingwood just mounting a nice little mini campaign here.

- Journey shouldn't be a problem here.

- The pressure is really mounting .

- He's going to run out of room – GONE!

- His hands weren't up to it!

- Everytime Collingwood go in they score, that's the issue for Simon Goodwin.

- They're right under the hot poker here, Melbourne 

- Didn't they soak it up, Melbourne? They were RIGHT under the pump!

- Gee, almost a 50!

- The efficiency inside 50 for Collingwood tonight has been ridiculous!

- And deliberate, and fair enough too!

- They are CHARGING!

- Oh boy, Maxxy's had a bad night by foot!

- He'll have a crack for sure from here 

- What a final term we've got ahead of us!


- Not a great bounce.

- Had it and lost it.

- Gone!

- Now they have to grimly defend.

- I wonder if that's a throw, SURELY that's a throw!

- Very hard to see how that's going to be overturned, that's a mark!

- "Can't overturn that BT". "Oh gee there is a little bobble there Hodgey!" "No bobble." "No bobble, BT." "I must have been imagining it!"

- He could NOT have made a bigger mess of it!

- What a last 15 minutes we have got!

- Collingwood will not be denied!

- "Little bobble." "Yes, little bobble Daisey, thank you."

- How clean at the feet was Daicos?

- Neal-Bullen pounded by Maynard!

- How are they going to view this? Insufficient!

- Through to Daicos….YES PLEASE!

- it's a full on frenzy here in the last quarter!

- It looks every bit of 2 v 3!

- Gee, offence is king! It wasn't that long ago, JB, that defence was king!

- Pressure is really mounting 

- Big, big, big moment

- Time being chewed up

- Daicos with a little one

- Can you believe it, Collingwood are going to win again! In another thriller!

(Tragically, the Collingwood club songs starts playing and I black out)

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