Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ed Kuepper shows how even Nick Cave can be made interesting

The usually pompous, occasionally brilliant, frequently repetitive and generally ever-more-boring Nick Cave is a man who has, from The Birthday Party on, been lucky to be surrounded by incredibly talented musicians -- until, like long-time collaborator Mick Harvey, they finally have enough of his shit and walk out. (See Anwen Crawford's The Monarch of Middlebrow" in Overland for a great disection of Cave's casual misogyny and increasingly dull output).

On the other hand Ed Kuepper, who was part of seminal Brisbane punk band The Saints, has had an amazing consistent career that has somehow managed to generally fly just under the radar. His post-Saints band The Laughing Clowns produced some remarkable stuff and his solo stuff never anything short of amazing. And with unique covers, as like his above version of "Do You Love Me" shows, he can even turn an overwrought Nick Cave song into a genuine work of art -- instead of a half decent photocopy of one. 

Couple more Kuepper tracks:

With a rose or red carnation, I'll secure my reputation...'

Hey hey, you meet some dickheads on the way...

You do indeed, Ed, you do indeed. Not mentioning any names.

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