Sunday, May 16, 2010

Could this be the wall?

“Can this be the wall we put the coal barons up against?”, is the thought provoking question from Fitzroy, Melbourne. It poses a very important question indeed.

Too often, the great mass of the oppressed go into a mass insurrection, driven by hatred of an outmoded social system that condemns their lives to utter hell, without fully thinking such questions through.

Too often, essential questions such as that posed by this piece of graffiti are not answered in advance. The result is ad hoc solutions are found.

Well, no need this time.

We know who is responsible for the coming eco-holocaust. And we know what needs to be done.

And we have concerned citizens thinking ahead and putting in their bid.

So, to the question posed: *Should* this, indeed, be the wall?

Well, I decided to investigate for myself. I went down to Melbourne, took the 86 tram to Fitzroy and found the wall in question in order to carry out a thorough study.

The conclusions drawn from my investigation are mixed.

In short: the wall is adequate. It is definitely high enough and has a reasonable length, so as to ensure a relatively efficient process

However, I would caution against any rushed conclusion that views this particular wall as *the* wall.

For a start, while relatively long, it is far from *long enough* to line up all the coal barons and associated hangers on — such as the entire parliamentary grouping of the NSW ALP, to say nothing of the editorial board of various Murdoch tabloids.

If this is the *only* wall, it may take some time to get through them all.

It seems to me, if this is to be done in a relatively short period of time (and climate scientists keep emphasising that the time in which to act is short), then more than one wall is required.

This wall may well prove useful for those traitors to humanity as can be rounded up in Victoria, but further walls should be investigated for use in other key regional areas.

Those of us in Sydney have a particular responsibility, I feel. Even more so those in Newcastle.

In short, Carlo Sands wishes to congratulate those in Melbourne who have thought ahead and found a wall *before* the mass insurrection that condemns this fucking insane fucking system — that fucking threatens fucking destruction of all fucking life on fucking earth so a few fucking corporations can fucking earn some fucking unimaginable fucking profits — to the fucking dustbin of fucking history.

But, the rest of us should not take this as a signal to rest on laurels.

This wall is merely a good start. Many more will be needed. Time to get scouting.

"You can crush us, you can bruise us. But you'll have to answer to... the guns of Brixton."


  1. Dear Carlo,
    I am shocked to see that you have turned into a social-democratic wimp in your dotage! The wall? Oh, how 20th Century! Everyone who has truly weeped into her brew knows that the instant punishment you celebrate is like arriving just on time for last call at the Shannon--- a momentary relief but truly unsatisfying. Let the punishment fit the crime! Make it last--- just like their crimes. Let's hear it for progressive dismemberment! 'You did it to us, now we're going to do it to you!' N3, comrade. Oh, yeah, you thought you were being so outre by talking about the wall. How about a poll, pinko, to see what real celebrators of life think is what the buggers deserve.
    your humble servant,

  2. I think progressive dismemberment is a fine idea, but needs to start with the head. And rather than the wall being a tame cliche, I think it is more of a metaphor with the discussion of which wall being a the start of a dialogue to engage local communities and, by hosting the wall, promote a sense of ownership and pride in the hacking and/or dismemberment or even mere shooting, whatever.

  3. Dear Carlo,
    I am sorry that you have chosen to ignore my political critique. Having relieved yourself against the wall, you have presumably gone on to better things than preparing the poll I proposed--- like training for the World Cup pub contests.
    As for that toady 'anonymous' [a nomme de plume if I ever heard one!], does she not recognise the excitement that will spread through communities over the contest for body parts? Does the imagination fail you, anon, such that you can't hear the joy in the shout, 'I get his ear!' This will move communities, comrades. A little proper publicity and they'll be marching on those polluters! Metaphor, indeed! More like Metamusil.

  4. Dear Ms Boots,

    I am, of course, delighted to hear from you once more. I was beginning to think too much vodka had removed you from the land of the sentient.

    It appears, from your two ill-conceived “comments”, that my concerns were merely half right. Sentient enough to type full sentences but, alas, not to such a degree as to fully take stock of what it is you are saying.

    You accusation that Carlo Sands has “chosen to ignore” your ill-considered and slanderous attack merely exposes your petty-bourgeois modus operandi.

    It is very easy for one operating in a purely individual framework to throw out, *without so much as a second thought*, such a serious charge as labelling Carlo Sands a “social democratic wimp”.

    I am sure, however, you will appreciate that an accusation of such significance is not one that can be treated lightly with a throw away response by such a serious social force as Carlo Sands.

    No! In true Leninist fashion, the matter was put on the agenda of the next scheduled meeting of the Carlo Sands Central Committee (CSCC) — the leading body of the voices in my head, elected by and accountable to the full spectre of Carlo Sands’ personalities.

    This is the only reasonable approach for such a force as Carlo Sands to take, bearing the responsibility that Carlo Sands does for the anti-booze fight, which is entering into a particularly serious phase, as anyone who cares to read the rabidly prohibitionist press could see.

    In fact, a full appraisal of this prohibitionist offensive may have been cause for pause before making such potentially destructive allegations before the entire world.

    Alas, they have been made and we must deal with what is before us. A thorough discussion and debate has been held by the appropriate body and a decision has been reached.

    (see next comment for the decision)

  5. (response continued)

    First, Carlo Sands would like to state that the issue of the removal of the coal barons from the planet is a very urgent one. Therefore, Carlo Sands’ preference is for the use of the *most rapid* method possible to achieve this end.

    Let the bourgeois moralist engage in their futile debate about “dismemberments” versus “shootings”! The key thing is to act!

    Therefore, after much debate, the leadership body of Carlo Sands has decided the request for a "poll" will be rejected. Time is short, and Carlo Sands will not be deterred from the role history demands of him.

    I should note the decision was not made without dissent. It was not a unanimous vote.

    Nonetheless, as a disciplined organisation, *all* of Carlo Sands personalities will, of course, abide by and seek to implement the decision to the best of their ability.

    In the lead up to the next Congress of Carlo Sands’ personalities, scheduled for 2014, a full and democratic discussion can, of course, be held internally. Carlo Sands trust, of course, the Carlo Sands minority will loyally abide by the decision of CSCC majority,

    Rubbish! Our rights are being trampled on! Stop silencing the minority!

    You see! You see how the minority of the voices in Carlo Sands’ head behave? They have broken discipline and violated the norms of Leninism that are held dear to all serious sections of Carlo Sands!

    Such violations can simply not be tolerated in a serious Carlo Sands. We cannot allow the fight against the prohibitionists to be disrupted in such a fashion.

    It is clear a purge is required — and right here at Carlo Sands’ trusted left hand is the bottle of whiskey with which to purge Carlo Sands’ brain of these irresponsible cells.

    We shall not wait for your purge! We here by declare in front of the entire world the formation of a new Carlo Sands! All hail Carlo Sands (Minority)! The true continuity of Carlo Sands! Down with the usurpers and down with another pint!

    Well! The entire world can now see and judge for themselves the behaviour of Carlo Sands (Minority). Without even waiting for the Congress and its opportunities to put their views before all the voices in Carlo Sands’ head, they have engaged in an infantile and disruptive split!

    We need not speculate on the *true origins* of this damaging split in the vanguard of the anti-booze movement. We shall simply note that those in the pay of the prohibitionists could not have done a better job.

    In short ... I have forgotten your question?

    Carlo Sands (Majority)

  6. On behalf of the IEBT, I am transmitting the following communique.

    The International Emily Boots Tendency has today announced that it recognises Carlo Sands (Minority) as the true representative of the drinking class in Australia. Accordingly, we invite the comrades of CS (Min) to join us in a new Fifth. And, we remind those in the CS (Maj) who have entered into an unprincipled alliance with tea-drinking coal barons desperate to avoid torture and dismemberment that, as our leader Karl EB correctly stated, impatience is not a theoretically satisfying position except when waiting to be served. Down with opportunist vermin!

  7. I think this 'debate' misses the point. Beer consumption is at its lowest level in Australia in 60 years. Unity in action!

  8. This whole debate, and indeed EB's point, are a perfect illustration of why we have such things as "coal barons" and the "prohibitionist press" you are senselessly arguing about the details. If you would only unte with your comrades who share your sentiments then you will have some true power but as you cower in your corner, taking potshots at anonymous and the Carlo Sands majority, you show your true colours, fearful of revolution to the end. Lame.

  9. I mean dismemberment, shooting, who the fuck cares? Lame.

  10. Anyone who questions the wall, or is sober, will be shot with a gatling gun in short order.

    You have been warned...

  11. This is an important debate, with crucial issues facing all humanity being delved into. If it appears heated, it is simply that its participants are fully aware of the seriousness of the issues at stake. Nothing less than *history itself* hangs in the balance.

    And that is why I would like to encourage all readers and participants to check out the great array of "google ads" at the top of the page and not be shy in clicking anything that catches your eye.

    Ads are generated by content and just now, I can see a great link entitled "Wall deco", which could have practical uses in relation to this debate. Last time, I saw a single google ad link entitled, simple, "Capital punishment", which, again, has real bearing on this discussion.

    All funds generated by clicking on these google ads will go to a good cause — the Shannon Hotel. For tax reasons, Paddy will get these funds by a complicated "money laundering" scheme involving the mass purchasing of pints of Guinness.

    I thank you for you attention.

    Carlo Sands (joint statement of the Majority and Minority organisations)

  12. Alas, the "inspirational death quotes" page wanted me to download a program. I don't think this will prejudice your beer money laundering scheme though.

  13. The International Emily Boots Tendency [IEBT] wishes to alert comrades around the world to the recent silence of the comrades of Carlo Sands (Bolshevik). The IEBT demands an end to the repression of the CS(B), which has coincided with the new campaign to support the capitalist advertisers of Google. Once again, the true representatives of the drinking class are suppressed in order to permit the rightward lurch of social democratic opportunists. Once again, those who call for a just and extended punishment for polluters are ridiculed by obscurantist ideologues like Anonymous (sic) with her comments about 'senselessly arguing about the details'! We agree with CS (Menshevik)that history itself weighs in the balance and we demand that the voices of CS(B) be heard now!
    yours for the Fifth,

  14. Right, BasilA!
    Your round.

  15. EIBT, I would like to point out that the most viable alternative to capitalism in the consumption of liquor is home brew.

    You know that is insupportable.

  16. I'm fascinated how the comments are posted by time and not date. IEBT you need to sleep in.

  17. I suspect that Carlo would prefer not to know what day it is.

  18. But time is crucial in relation to opening, closing and happy hours.

    Capitalism does not sleep, therefore neither does Emily Boots. I assume.

    Either that or Ms Boots resides in a different continent with a different time zone. But I am confident the first explanation is correct for one so eager to denounce the misleadership of Carlo Sands (Majority)

    yours (as in next round)
    Carlo Sands (Majority)

  19. The CSM cleverly side-stepped the issue of the day, focussing instead on time. I question the motives of the CSM in subverting the day of the week and promoting false and misleading time which is apparently different depending on where you are in the world.

    I for one applaud the IEBT, up at all hours, calling on her comrades, and hope that the comrades answer the call of the IEBT soon.

  20. We in the IEBT are sorry to have to remind CS (Menshevik)that the sun never sets on a truly international movement.Given the narrow nationalist perspective of this google-comprador tendency, it is not surprising at all that its spokesperson doesn't know what day it is.
    The IEBT renews its call for the end to the oppression of our affiliate, the CS (B). Let their voices be heard! Let us return to the revolutionary agenda of dismemberment.
    We call upon all comrades to denounce the back-sliding of the CS(M) most recently exhibited by its covert support of Lena in her fraudulent victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. The IEBT extends its solidarity to our Greek comrades, Giorgos Alkaios and Friends, whose call for street action now was slandered as support for the black bloc. We will prevail. OPA!
    the IEBT

  21. IEBT: All hail our Greek street-fighting comrades!

  22. After perusing this discussion and to postulate who is right and who is wrong, I have come to a determination through a painful process to announce that Alcohol is indeed the winner. Peace out Carlos.

  23. Clearly the Greeks were superior on the night in question. They were dressed in white.

    I would like to propose that in order to promote the movement we found a go-go dancing troupe called the International Emily Boots Tendency who will then be duly entered into Eurovision, win and then be bought drinks by a jubilant populous.

  24. Is this a sexist comment by 'Anonymous'? Go-go dancers?

  25. sexist? how? what's wrong with go-go dancers? are you saying there is something wrong with being a go-go dancer? don't you like dancing?

  26. The Committee to Fight Sexist Remarks against Emily Boots5 June 2010 at 11:57

    Please google "go-go dancer" and look at the images. Would you propose that Carlo put on one of those outfits?

  27. CFSREB I would endorse any young man or woman pulling on a pair of boots and having a bit of a dance:

    nothing sexist about go go dancing, nothing at all and I certainly wasn't making a remark "against" Emily Boots, I didn't even mention Emily Boots, I was discussing the IEBT. Get your facts straight before you fling baseless accusations around.

  28. The Committee to Fight Sexist Remarks against Emily Boots asked of Anonymous: "Would you propose that Carlo put on one of those outfits?"

    It is funny you should say that, coz I happen to be wearing my go-go dancing outfit as I type. I'll post up some photos as soon as I can figure out how to get this goddamn fucking camera on this damn mobile to work.

    Sorry, I only just stole it from some arsehole who spilled my beer at the pub and I can't figure out all the fucking buttons... I mean what the fuck is wrong with the world these days?

    A phone is a camera? Why should a phone take photos? That's why God invented cameras. All a fucking phone needs to do fucking do is make and take fucking phone calls — and they never fucking do coz the fucking batteries are too flat from all the fucking picture snapping!

    What next, a fucking toaster that mixes cocktails? Actually, if you do come across one of those, let me know. It would be the first time a toaster could give me anything I actually wanted.

    Sorry, where am I? Oh yeah.

    Accusations of sexism have been made on this blog, directed by Anonymous2 towards Anonymous (who, I have to say reading over all the comments on this post, is even more fucking schizophrenic than Carlo Sands and I thought I would never have to type those words).

    Now that is a serious accusation to make on this blog — almost as serious as accusations of sobriety. It seems the issue hangs on the vexed question of “go-go dancing”.

    In the original post, Anonymous sought to develop a plan to win Eurovision for the Greeks and therefore be bought lots of booze. A great goal that no-one could disagree with. It was the proposed method that proved controversial: to enter into the competition a go-go dancing troupe called the International Emily Boots Tendency.

    Now, it should be noted Anonymous made no mention of gender. It is true go-go dancing has been associated with sexist exploitation of women’s bodies. It is a strong feature of the phenomena.

    But there was no explicit call for this to be a feature of the Eurovision entry. Unless we think that any engaging in “go-go”-style dancing is inherently sexist regardless of gender, clothing or other circumstances, it seems a step too far to condemn any mention of go-go dancing as sexist.

    And here I think we come to a misunderstanding. It centres on the name for the entry in this bold quest for free booze: The International Emily Boots Tendency.

    For CSFR, this seems to mean it is a specific request for Emily Boots, as woman (which no one dares doubt), to engage in go-go dancing – and you can see the potential here for complaint.

    I think the misunderstanding is simply that Anonymous is not well enough versed in the ways of the “vanguard” and failed to realise the IEBT is simply Emily Boots and a small, isolated and fundamentally disloyal part of my brain. The majority of my personalities, I am happy to say, are steadfast in their rejection of the sectarian, ultra-left and dogmatic distortions of the IEBT.

    My ruling is this: Yes, go-go dancing has been associated with sexism. No, any go-go dancing or even reference to it is not inherently sexist in and of itself, regardless of context. I enjoy a good round of “go-going” myself.

    Let us not let these issues divide us. As “John” rightly called for in a early contribution to this discussion, the key thing in the battle against sobriety is “unity in action”.

    We may disagree on questions as significant as the role of go-go dancing in the Eurovision competition, but let us heed Leon Trotsky’s famous maxim (often mistranslated): “March separately, drink together!”

  29. Committee for the Sexist Exploitation of Carlo6 June 2010 at 09:00

    Carlo posted:
    'I happen to be wearing my go-go dancing outfit as I type. I'll post up some photos as soon as I can figure out how to get this goddamn f
    fucking camera on this damn mobile to work.'


  30. The IEBT wishes to express its grave concern over reports of the demise of its comrades of the CS(B). Charged with being 'sectarian, ultra-left and dogmatic', these true representatives of the drinking class were apparently sent to Carlo's Gulag. With the cooperation of The CIA-Google network and MI5 [not to mention Paddy], the CS(B) comrades were cut off and, as you can well imagine, suffered a painful fate which will be demonstrated when the photos are revealed. The IEBT calls for an immediate enquiry and a round.

  31. I think we can at least all agree on a round, my shout if you're wearing go-go boots.

  32. To readers, and particularly Emily/ The misnamed and degenerately backsliding IEBT:

    First, a clarification. Having posted above under the nomme de guerre "Anonymous" I am now at liberty to announce that I was in fact working to destroy the reputation of said scoundrel in the International Drinking Movement.

    Which of the above are mine, and which are truly Anonymous I cannot disclose for security reasons within the 7th International. Were I to do so, a dangerously sober Northite in a suit and tie would no doubt hunt me down and expose my ex-radial alcoholism.

    Having done so - and thereby achieved the heretofore unstated goal of exposing the IEBT to be little more than a front for CS(B&M) - I can now reveal that the victory of Lena was a necessary precursor to the overthrow of - first - the German president, and then the German government.

    Once this is completed, through a combination of gatling guns, leather pants, and an adherence to Trotsky's maxim quoted above, the Glorious German Revolution will have commenced.

    With all due respect to the silly bearded Russians who tried and failed a century ago, ours will, however, succeed, and spread across the world.

    How, I hear you ask? Well, instead of banning booze after the revolution, our revolution will succeed exactly by doing the opposite! Export, low cost and free, vast quantities of German beer as currency to underwrite the activities of our comrades worldwide. March separately, drink together, indeed.

    To paraphrase the great Friedrich Oswald (aka Engels), the revolution will be made by "those beer-swilling Bavarians!"

    The labouring hungover billions will rally to our last call, we shall line our enemies up against this - and every other - wall, and the Maßes will overflow in celebration.

    And the workers will form countless Rats to govern society, directed by boozing poets.

  33. Well, I’ve got on more than just go-go boots. But not much more. So, that is another drink for me courtesy of Anonymous...

    In other news, the IEBT accuses the Carlo Sands majority of “cutting off” the minority is a terrible act of repression. The IEBT demands an inquiry (and another round, which is a bit like demanding salt water while swimming in the ocean on this blog).

    This is typical anti-Carlo Sands hysteria.

    The Carlo Sands majority acted clearly in self-defence. We innocently stormed the offices of the minority armed with automatic rifles with the goal of stealing all their booze, having first subjected the minority to stun grenades and tear gas.

    We were absolutely shocked and appalled when, in an act of unprovoked terrorism, a member of the minority whacked a member of the majority in general area of the “shin” with a broken broom stick.

    Such an attempt to wipe Carlo Sands from the face of the Earth could not be tolerated and, in a legitimate act of self defence against the anti-Carlo mob, permission was granted to open fire.

    So far, we have heard of no survivors.

    But it is not all good news. We regret to inform the world that some members of the Carlo Sands majority who bravely took part in the operation have suffered mild bruising in the general shin area.

    All hail the heroes of Carlo Sands! Drinks all round!

    As to the request for an inquiry into this incident, I am glad, for once, to be able to grant *in full* a request from the IEBT.

    An inquiry has now been held and Carlo Sands (Majority) has been fully exonerated of all wrong doing.

    Further more, the inquiry found convincing proof linking the minority to international terrorism, international pedophile rings, and the BP and Goldman Sachs board of executives.

    The evidence proving ties to Al Qaeda is particularly damning, as their position in support of prohibition is well-documented.

    In fact, we have audio recordings of a member of the Carlo Sands minority shouting during massac… the act of self defence *nothing less horrific* than: “Why don’t you go back to rehab!”

    We demand the world reject such prohibitionist slurs. It is, of course, far too much to expect an apology from the rabid anti-Carloite responsible — he was shot five times in the head at point blank range.

    Victory to Carlo Sands! Buy Carlo another beer!

  34. And Lothius Matthäus, stop drinking your own homebrew. Seriously, it is rotting your brain and giving rise to terrifying fantasies.

  35. I think you can clearly see that LM is not "Anonymous" at all merely perhaps the despicable slanderer "Anonymous2" by his craven lack of a position on what happens at the wall. He does not stand with the IEBT nor indeed the CSM or M (CSB is a figment of the imagination of IEBT and always has been). I doubt LM even knows what the wall is for, see comment immediately above.

    Homebrew is obviously not the solution, take note IEBT. The offer to purchase a round stands - can any comrade match their pretty words with my principled stance?

  36. ☻/ ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
    ▌ *˛˚ღ •...just sprinkling a little Love on your blog..... ˚✰*
    / \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰ •* ˚ ♥" .

  37. I drink chardonnay or Sav Blanc when my friend Bron (she's a Green) makes me. Does that mean my comment will be deleted ?

  38. What? Do you expect me to remember the logic of a debate on this blog from two years ago? I can barely remember anything from two years ago.

    For one thing I'd have to read all these comments and there are a fucking lot of them and many of them are by me, which means they will be fucking nonsensical, barely coherent and with shocking spelling and grammar.

    I take it chardonnay got mentioned somewhere. I was probably demanding people bring it me. Um... jesus.... bring be a bottle of wine and I definitely will not delete your comment.