Thursday, August 24, 2006

An outrageous attack on freedom of speech that *must* be resisted!


It has been brought to my attention that there have been attempts to censure this blogsite. According to my sources in at least one workplace in this supposedly “democratic” country, it is not possible to view this site. It is blocked by a bunch of “freedom haters” known as “ContentKeepers”. Apparantly, you canot view this site at this particular workplace because it contains “adult content”.

They want to censor my blog eh? So "The Man" can't handle the revolutionary message I am laying down? I guess I shouldn't be surprised... It contains a powerful message that they don't want workers — at the very site of their employment were they hold their greatest potential power - getting access to.

However, we cannot stand by and allow this outrageous attack to happen! Action must be taken, because, as Martin Luther King once said, an attack on freedom anywhere is an attack on freedom everywhere! How true! First, they come for the drunks…

We must take action! I urge everyone who reads this write a letter immediately about the issue the attorney-general Philip Ruddock. Demand that all workplaces in this country be allowed to access this site. I was going to write a letter myself last night, but I ended up going to the pub. I was going to write it today, but I was too hungover.

But they are scared alright! Just look at their excuse! “Adult content”. That is clearly a ruse. Jesus Christ, did they not read the poohey pants story? The content of this blog is as childish as you can get!

This is a wake-up call.

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